AEROPRESS + Porlex mini II grinder + FREE 200g coffee

AEROPRESS + Porlex mini II grinder + FREE 200g coffee

The ultimate travelling coffee kit for $130! The excellent Aeropress + Porlex mini grinder + 200g coffee.

The Aeropress is hands-down the simplest way to make delicious brewed coffee, and we find it more consistent than most other methods. Makes 1 or 2 cups at a time, and all you need is boiled water, a grinder, and some freshly roasted coffee. You might like our blog post which describes how to use it.

Coupled with the Porlex mini hand grinder, you have the ultimate coffee travel kit. The Porlex mini hand grinder is stainless steel and has ceramic conical burrs that provide a high quality grind and are very durable.

The best thing about the the combo is that the Porlex grinder fits neatly inside the barrel of the Aeropress, giving you the most compact coffee kit you could ever need!

Included with this item:

  • 1 complete Aeropress including stirring paddle, funnel and coffee scoop + 350 filter papers.
  • 1 Porlex mini hand grinder.
  • 1 BONUS 200g bag of coffee beans to get you started.

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