UGANDA Mubuku Natural

UGANDA Mubuku Natural

Plum, jammy, Dark Chocolate, Black Forest Cake

Region: Kasese, Rwenzori, Western Uganda
Altitude: 1300-2030M asl
Varieties: SL14
Harvested: Fly Crop April-August
Processing: Natural


 Our very First Ugandan coffee, ever! Traditionally coffee in Uganda was mainly made up of Robusta and low grade Arabica crops destined for the commodities exchange. With the influence and investment in local Infrastructure of green buyers; production, harvest and post harvest processing has improved out of sight! It is the work of such buyers that gives us access to an emerging speciality coffee scene in Uganda. 

Our Green Sourcing Partner Sucafina (formerly MTC Australia) is committed to improving quality in Uganda by building new washing stations and infrastructure and training personnel in the region. This has provided many new jobs for locals in the Western growing region of Rwenzori. The Production of Mubuku Natural created 90 seasonal jobs to man the drying beds.

We have Roasted Mubuku to a light but drawn out Espresso profile that highlights fleshy dark fruit flavours while maintaining sweetness in the cup. It will make a great black coffee but the addition of milk will take it into dessert territory. Enjoy!


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