The Shack Blend

The Shack Blend

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Version  Summer 2020-21
Blend Components Uganda Natural Process + Ethiopia Washed Process

Tastes Like

Espresso Brew you can expect wild sloe plum and raisins with a syrupy body. Manual Brew will be bright and fruit forward, jammy with blackberry kombucha vibes

Best Served Black

Something for those late mornings and Lazy days spent at the shack. Think of sipping an espresso whilst looking out over the waves on the coast or maybe enjoying a morning Flat white whilst watching for the rise of a trout on the shores of the Great lake. All from the comfort of your shack or your friends shack.

The Shack Blend is a 50:50, two origin blend. Uganda Natural Process and Ethiopia Kasha natural process. Both coffees are high grade offerings in their own right but we feel together they are taken to the next level. We have decided to roast these coffees in a very light profile. The reason being that we want maximum Fruit from the Uganda and shining acidity and sweetness from the Ethiopia. We feel we have achieved that in spades.

If there ever was such thing as an omni roast i guess this would qualify. The theory being that an omni roast is great as an espresso option but still is light enough to offer great flavour when brewed manually.

If you are an espresso drinker, aim for a slightly coarser grind and a faster extraction to really let the plum fruits shine through. For those of you who are brewing manually like plunger or filter, coarse grinds are also the aim of the game here. Think coarse black pepper!