Sulawesi Angin Honey
Sulawesi Angin Honey
Sulawesi Angin Honey
Sulawesi Angin Honey

Sulawesi Angin Honey

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Country Sulawesi, Indonesia
Region Angin Angin, Enrekang
Farm 15 farmers in Angin Angin
Variety Linie S-795 , Typica
Altitude 1,500 to 1,800 masl
Proc. Method Honey
Tastes Like Sweet and creamy milk chocolate
Best Served Milk or Black


If you are a subscriber to Coffee Circle you already know all about Sulawesi Angin honey process. If not, read on and then buy some before its all gone!

Angin Honey is grown by a group of 15 farmers, all of which have a small holding at the base of the tallest mountain in Sulawesi, Gunung Latimojong. The mountain stands at 3478 metres above sea level and the surrounding lower hill country is ideal terrain and climate for growing coffee, a true tropical jungle scenario. In addition to coffee, the smallholders of Angin Angin also grow cloves for the local spice trade. While most coffee is wet hulled in Sulawesi, the Angin Angin farmers are committed to the specialty harvest processing techniques such as Natural and Honey process. With this Honey lot, cherry is lightly fermented for 72 hours. Then, cherry is pulped and the parchment and remaining mucilage is laid on raised beds to dry. Quite often, Honey process lends a generous fruit character to coffee and on the odd occasion it really lifts body and perceived viscosity which has occurred here with Angin.

These farmers in Angin Angin are using innovation and a focus on specialty production to bring attention back to Enrekang. We are proud to be supporting them as they gain attention for their innovation and quality-focus.