INDONESIA Sumatra Kerinci

Indonesia Sumatra coffee. bold, dark spices, dark chocolate, earthy
Back to Sumatra for our third Indonesia Coffee for the year.
From the small producers Co-operative "ALKO Kopi Alam Koerintji". This Co-op is very progressive in that they only buy from farms that do not encroach on the neighbouring national park and they have a deposit scheme with the hikers that attempt to climb Gunung Kerinci, the tallest volcano in Indonesia, where they can exchange coffee for rubbish collected on the trail.
Region: Sumatra
Altitude: 1300-1600m asl.
VarietiesSigarar utang, Andung sari
Harvested: Apr-May
Processing: Wet hulled
Tastes like: Earthy, Dark Spices, bold, Sweet Dark Chocolate


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