FILTER ROAST of the month

FILTER ROAST of the month


Tastes Like: Vanilla, Tropical fruit, Juicy sweet

Region: Armenia, Quindio

Altitude: 1450m

Variety: Red Bourbon

Harvested: July-Dec

Processing: Natural

This Months filter roast is Jairo Arcila Red Bourbon Natural Process.

Grown by a legend of the Colombian Coffee growing scene, Jairo Arcila at Finca La Villarazo. This is the first harvest of this Red Bourbon lot at Farm Villarazo after a recommendation from a friend to plant this specific varietal as it has a higher yield but still a distinct and desireable cup profile. This planting came at at time when most growers were planting Gesha and was a bold move considering that Red Bourbon had not really been grown at lower regional elevations.  

The coffee is picked and hand sorted at Finca Villarazo before being transported to his sons specialist processing facility not more than 15km away. The coffee is dry fermented for 16 hours before being floated and hand sorted for a second time. Finally the coffee is placed on parabolic dryers until final moisture content is reached.





Each month we offer a new single origin bean roasted to a light & bright profile perfect for pour-over, Chemex, Aeropress, French press - and all other brewed coffee method

These are always amongst the freshest and highest quality beans we have available at the time, with a zippy roast to emphasis natural sweetness and fruity acidity.


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