Decaf Colombia Cordillera

Decaf Colombia Cordillera

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Country Colombia
Region Planadas
Farm Mixed Small Holders
Variety Castillo, Variedad Colombia, Caturra
Altitude 1500-1900 masl
Proc. Method Washed Colombia Decaf Process
Tastes Like Malted milo, cookies and cream
Best Served Milk 


We are always on the hunt for a better decaf. we believe we have found it with Cordillera. 

Our De-caffeinated coffee is a micro-lot coffee blend made up of 85+ coffees from a collection of small farm producers in Planadas, Colombia. Coffee is collected from these growers and transported to Bogota to be milled and decaffeinated . 

This Decaf process is unique to Colombia. The coffee first goes through a steaming process to open the pores of the seed surface layer. The caffeine is then extracted using a natural sugarcane by-product(ethyl acetate). This Process helps to maintain and possibly improve sweetness while still maintaining natural coffee flavour. 
Death before decaf? Not anymore!