Colombia MIRADOR

Colombia MIRADOR

Creamy & sweet; tropical notes, with an almond praline finish.

Region: Huila, near town of Timaná.

Altitude: 1700m ASL

Varieties: Caturra, Colombia

Harvested: early-2017

Processing: fully washed

Another new Colombian microlot from our favourite region – the Southern state of Huila. This time from a farm called Finca El Mirador near the town of Timaná.

The farm is at 1700m above sea level, and this lot comprises coffee from the Caturra and Colombia plant varieties. The farmer’s name is Luis Figueroa Muñoz.

We found it to be a super sweet cup, with that creamy texture that we love in Colombians. It shows some peach and tart fruit character, and the finish is clean and elegant.

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