Smooth & chocolatey with hints of berries and nuts and a smooth finish.

Region: Carmo de Minas

Altitude: 1000-1300m ASL

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Harvested: Jun-Sep 2016

Processing: natural

Every year we sort through heaps of samples from Brazil and pick one to be the hero of our main blends throughout the year.

São Benedito is in the Carmo de Minas region and is owned by Antonio Villela. The estate is at 1250m above sea level; this lot is 100% yellow bourbón variety, and is a natural process (which is where the beans are dried whole with the fruit still attached).

We’re excited to say that São Benedito is the best coffee we’ve ever bought from Brazil! It has everything we want in a good Brazil natural process – rich and creamy body, full of natural sweetness, hints at fruit, nuts & chocolate, and a soft finish with low acidity.

Santa Ines will again form the basis of our espresso blends this year.

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