Sulawesi Topidi Natural
Sulawesi Topidi Natural
Sulawesi Topidi Natural
Sulawesi Topidi Natural

Sulawesi Topidi Natural

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Country Indonesia
Region Tinggimoncong, Gowa, Sulawesi
Farm Various
Variety Linie S-795 , Typica
Altitude 1,300 to 1,500 masl
Proc. Method Natural
Tastes Like Plum, Raspberry,  & Walnut
Best Served Milk or Black Espresso


Indonesia has a long history as a coffee producing region, but has been often overlooked by the specialty market.

Daeng Balenkang was among the first in the district of Gowa to bring specialty coffee production to Tinggimoncong. Daeng planted 7 Typica seedlings on his land over 50 years ago. Since then, Daeng Balenkang, his family and their neighbours have expanded plantings around the village.

Until 5 years ago, Daeng and the surrounding villagers would sell their wet parchment to local traders until they met a young local producer who helped them elevate their practices to improve their coffee quality including, expanding rootstock, learning specialty cultivation and processing methods.

Typically, coffee coming from this part of the world is processed using a method called wet hulling. It is a popular approach due to many producers lacking the proper infrastructure to dry the coffee, which can be quite challenging with constant humidity and unpredictable rainfall in the region.

Now, Daeng and his fellow villagers produce specialty grade natural processed coffees which demand higher prices and hence increased income.