Burundi Gahahe Honey
Burundi Gahahe Honey
Burundi Gahahe Honey
Burundi Gahahe Honey

Burundi Gahahe Honey

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Country Burundi
Region Kayanza, Gahahe
Farm Smallholders of Greenco Washing station
Variety Red Bourbon
Altitude 1800 masl
Proc. Method Honey
Tastes Like

Caramelised, Toffee, Creamy with baking spices

Best Served Milk or Black



East African coffees are in season! We kick off the offerings with Burundi Gahahe Honey process.

Coffee farms of Burundi are mostly made up of small family plots with an average plantation count of 250 trees or less. These Coffee trees are usually grown in the backyard. During harvest, coffees are selectively hand picked for ripeness and since most small holder plots are small the family takes care of the whole picking process. The harvest is then delivered to the Gahahe washing station.

 at the at the washing station, quality control is taken up a notch. Cherries are processed under constant supervision. The pulping, fermentation time, washing, grading in the channels and a final soaking is closely monitored.   

Upon delivery all cherry is floated in small buckets as a first step to check quality. After floating, the higher quality cherry is sorted again by hand to remove all damaged, underripe and overripe cherries.    

After sorting, cherry is pulped within 6 hours of delivery. During pulping, cherry is separated into high- and low-grade by density on a 3-disc pulper outfitted with an additional separation disk. 

The coffee and remaining mucilage is then transported to the drying tables where they will dry slowly for 2-3 weeks, during which time it is repeatedly sorted and sifted to ensure even drying. The coffee is left to dry from sunrise to sunset and is covered with a sheet during the evening or when it rains. The moisture level is carefully monitored and any parchment with visual defects is removed.

Meticulous processing is the key to high quality, specialty coffee.