Caramel, Chocolate and Roasted Walnut with some sneaky little florals to round it out. 

Brazil Fazenda Agua Limpa


Colombia Piendamo


Peru FTO 


This is Ritual Coffee 101: our how-to guide for roasting and blending.

Step 1: choose a few of the tastiest new arrivals from around the world's coffee-growing regions.

Step 2: roast them to highlight their best traits - we look for abundant sweetness, and clean, fruity acidity.

Step 3: blend them together, and enjoy it while it lasts (until the next new beans arrive!).


This is a blend for everyone! Great with or without milk.

Our seasonal blends evolve according to what’s freshly harvested ensuring there are always fresh coffees in the mix!

[photo © 2016 Jesse Hunniford]

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