Creamy & chocolatey with a hint of berry, caramel and tropical fruit.

 The Ethiopia component provides the sweetness and hints of blueberry while the Colombia is responsible for the body, Caramel, tropical fruit and brightness of the coffee.

Colombia Huila Reserve


Ethiopia Tade GG

    We think of this as our adventurous blend. It's just what we want in a blend: a nice balance between the coffee's natural sweetness and acidity, while retaining all the unique characteristics of each coffee, and suitable with or without milk.

    We start with fresh crops of an excellent Colombian, which we roast medium-light for this blend to highlight its delicious fruity acidity. To that, we add the beautiful Ethiopia, which adds a bold blueberry and orange kick with a syrupy sweetness.

    You can find this blend featured at Amelia Espresso.

    Our Reserve blends evolve according to what’s freshly harvested

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