PNG Lamari AX

PNG Lamari AX

Brown sugar, Mellow, Milk Chocolate, Peach

REGION: Eastern Highlands

ELEVATION: 1700-2000m


VARIETALS: Arusha Blue Mountain Bourbon and Typica



Every couple of years in the coffee industry we see a producing origin take leaps and bounds in the quality of the coffee they produce. This year,amongst one or two others, it is Papua New Guinea that has us buzzing. We have cupped some fine examples of washed process from the Eastern Highlands district so far for the calendar year and we are excited at the prospect of further arrivals later into 2019-20.

Lamari is sourced from a range of small crop, sustenance farmers for the Boroida Estate which is owned by the Colbran family, a long term partner with our green coffee supplier MTC. It is the continued input from green importers such as MTC that has seen the continual improvement of coffee processing techniques including picking, sorting, fermenting, drying and parchment storage.

The majority of the smallholders that contribute to lots like Lamari AX are mixed crop farmers that grow organically with a focus on bio processes. The fact that these farms are still so remote means that fertilisers and chemical farming practices just dont exist thanks to lack of transport and logistics in these areas. This means coffee in its purist form, clean and sparkling(just how we like it).

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