FILTER ROAST of the month

FILTER ROAST of the month


Tastes Like: Cherry, Fig, Apple and Toffee

Region: Chalantenango

Altitude: 1600masl

Variety: Pacamara

Harvested: Dec-Feb

Processing: Honey Process

This Months filter roast is El Salvador Finca San Nicolas Pacamara Honey process. 

Fresh from The El Salvador harvest, Finca San Nicolas is a small farm producing Pacas and the highly regarded Pacamara variety. Grown by José Edgardo Gutierrez, the Pacamara coffee is picked to a strict ripeness schedule and semi-depulped before being laid out on raised beds to dry for 15-20 days. The left over mucilage on the seed is fermented naturally on the outside of the parchment. This is the basic form of honey processing. 

The Pacamara variety was founded in 1958 as a lab grown cross between the Bourbon variety-pacas and the Typica variety- Maragogype (Pronounced mar-rah-go-jeepeh). The coffee gained momentum many years and iterations later as the best of the variety produced outstanding cup characteristics. The Coffee seed is Large, hinting to its Maragogype heritage and is a challenge to roast. 




Each month we offer a new single origin bean roasted to a light & bright profile perfect for pour-over, Chemex, Aeropress, French press - and all other brewed coffee method

These are always amongst the freshest and highest quality beans we have available at the time, with a zippy roast to emphasis natural sweetness and fruity acidity.


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