Colombia LA UNION

Colombia LA UNION

A mixed farm, small producers lot punching well above its weight. The body of the coffee is made of biscuit and roasted nut flavours with caramel and a delicate pineapple like acidity to round it out.

Region: Nariño

Altitude:  1650-2300 MASL

Varieties: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Tabi, Typica

Harvested: Late 2018

Processing: fully washed


We have selected La Union for its typical regional qualities. La Union is rich and full bodied with flavours of Biscuit,Caramel and Roasted nuts. La Union is rounded out by a delicate but juicy acidity akin to Pineapple and hints of brown spices. 

La Union is also the new Colombia component of our Reserve Blend which has also been refreshed with a new coffee from Ethiopia. La Union is roasted for Espresso but produces a full cup with other methods such as aeropress, french press and stove-top. 

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