Aeropress go + 250g FREE coffee
Aeropress go + 250g FREE coffee
Aeropress go + 250g FREE coffee

Aeropress go + 250g FREE coffee

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Aeropress GO+250g FREE coffee

The most portable coffee brewer just got a whole lot better. Functionally exactly the same as the original just 20% smaller and lighter. Better suited to making single serves of brewed coffee or maybe two cups at a stretch. The Aeropress GO is ideally suited to those who want delicious coffee while travelling, hiking, riding etc. The addition of the integrated cup is a great move as it houses the entire kit in one. We think the best news is that all the original Aeropress components will fit the new GO. So you can use the same size filter papers, filter cap and plunger rubber for both models, Win!

  • Entire kit weight minus packaging=328g
  • Aeropress GO(minus paddle, scoop, cup and silicone cap)=159g

The Aeropress is hands-down the simplest way to make delicious brewed coffee, and we find it more consistent than most other methods. Makes 1 or 2 cups at a time, and all you need is boiled water, a grinder, and some freshly roasted coffee.


Included with this item:

  • 1 complete Aeropress GO including silicone keeper cap, stirring paddle, cup, travel filter holder and coffee scoop + 350 filter papers.
  • 1 BONUS 250g bag of coffee to get you started (please let us know if you'd like it ground in the "notes to seller" when at checkout).